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You'll find my work at the intersection of image and text. A picture is worth a thousand words—but it still needs a caption.

BOOK REVIEW: In Rural Idaho, No One Can Hear You Scream

FEATURED review on and | In the category Genres I Like to Read, memoir and horror tie for dead last. (Elizabeth Gilbert is a shameless exhibitionist. Fight me.) However, when a book makes all the “Best of the Year” lists, I feel obligated to give it the old Amazon 1-Click. In the mountains of Idaho, Tara is the last child of a devout Mormon couple—so devout that their youngest children have no birth certificates, have never been to school, and do not go to the doctor, not even for grievous injury.

BOOK: Heroes of Ancient Israel: The Playing Card Art of Arthur Szyk

2012 PubWest Book Design Awards, Silver Award for Gift/Holiday/Specialty Book. | In the 1930s Arthur Szyk joined a storied artistic tradition by illustrating an exquisite set of playing cards. Painted in his highest style in watercolor and gouache on three sheets of paper, the twelve court cards—four Kings, four Queens and four Jacks—each feature a different Jewish hero from the Bible or ancient history.